October 2017
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An interesting take on the digital universe

XKCD created an introspective map of the online universe, using social community activity to size each “country”. So which countries do you belong to? Will this lead to the disappearance of formal countries, government and structure?

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My mobile arsenal

I’m not a terminator type, nor do I need to deal with the financial woes of the great state of California. But as a road warrior, I do need a variety of gadgets to get me by. Whoever markets a device as fully adaptable to your environment is lying through their teeth. Like clothing, broadly-fitting technology is the “one size fits none” approach. There will be times where your Smartphone will be your most trusted companion for portability and convenience. Conversely, it will also be your most hated PITA when you have no choice but to pound your thumbs into it for hours when you find yourself without a full keyboard.

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Liberation from home base

Liberation from my information tyranny would be an unlikely issue for Che Guevara. Back in those days, if you didn’t like the system, you simply rebel. :) Perhaps this is my own revolution. So why am I looking to liberate myself from being tied down to my office or home? Like Che,  I travel regularly and I cannot rely on the comfort of returning home or to my office to pick up information I left behind. All my bills, important documents, bank statements, etc. must travel with me, be accessible online, or preferably both.

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Welcome to my blog! I’m glad you came to visit. :)   I am embarking on an exciting journey to make my life location-agnostic. In a nutshell, whether I am in my home, office, or a billion miles from either, I want to be able to operate and communicate as if I was there. Of course, there are limitations – in person meetings and get-togethers may pose a challenge, but I’m a firm believer that the world is getting smaller as each minute passes. And as each minute passes, being mobile and agile in our execution will be increasingly important.

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